Training school in novel experimental models for cholangiocarcinoma: from ex-vivo patients derived organoids to in vivo animal models

11-12 March 2021

School coordinators

Chiara Braconi (UK) and Diego Calvisi (DE)

Learning objectives

  • Identification of key areas where novel models can help move cholangiocarcinoma research forward;
  • Learning protocols for the development of tumour-derived organoids;
  • Identification of challenges in the definition of the pathway to obtain fresh tissue from patients and identification of potential solutions to be implemented;
  • Learning theoretical skills for the development of co-cultures and the study of cell-to-cell interaction within 3D models;
  • Learning about the suitability of novel cholangiocarcinoma animal models to answer different research questions;
  • Review of technical guidelines to follow in animal experiments.


See the full 2021 program here