Working Groups

The EURO-CHOLANGIO-NET Action is coordinating efforts aiming at advancing the understanding of CCA to translate basic research and preclinical findings into clinical practice. For this purpose, the Action comprises a multidisciplinary integrated and coordinated network of complementary Working Groups (WGs), dealing with interrelated aspects of CCA, namely:
1) Preclinical;
2) In-depth histomorphological phenotyping;
3) Molecular profiling;
4) Epidemiology, clinical characterization and trials;
5) Early diagnostic biomarkers;
6) Development of novel therapeutic targets and tools; and
7) Legislation and ethics.

These WGs are employing resources and tools to construct efficient connections, exchanges and promote the capacity-building objectives of the Action  (i.e. young researchers mobility, meetings, seminars, consensus guidelines and more). Of primary importance will be the role of WGs in creating complementary data registries dedicated to the collection of observational, experimental, retrospective, and prospective data related to the specific challenges and aims of each WG, and in collecting, organizing and analysing samples from patients or pre-clinical experimental studies. Secondly, the Action will devote an important effort to develop and standardize pre-clinical models of CCA. Finally, an additional, important effort of all WGs will be directed towards shared understanding between academia, pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies.