Working Group 2


This WG will deal with the histological characterization of CCA in relationship with the pathological background, involvement of cancer stem cells, relevant signalling pathways and potential therapy targets. Histological samples (average 300) will be collected in a single highly experienced centre. These will be digitalized and analysed by other expert participants among network centres. Data obtained will be correlated to clinical, molecular and radiologic features provided by other WGs. This WG will interact with the rest of the network to promote multidisciplinary translational actions.

Tasks & Activities

  • To collect samples and data to set up the digitalised European registry.
  • To review current knowledge on CCA histology and clinical-pathology.
  • To harmonize nomenclature, clinical measurements, definitions, classification and outcomes.
  • To conduct workshops to discuss and validate data and outputs.
  • To share collected data with other WGs, through the registry.
  • To organize STSMs for ECIs with a focus of histomorphology.