Working Group 1


WG1 aims at reviewing the current knowledge and expertise on preclinical models and technologie that assess experimental systems of CCAs. This WG will systematically address issues regarding the histomorphology, pathological background, cells of origin, transcriptome, proteome, and molecular profiling of the distinct models of CCA with respect to human subtype counterparts. All scientists developing models of CCA, particularly animal models, primary human cultures, organoids and related PDXs will contribute to WG1 by sharing data using dedicated customized sheet forms created in an ad hoc joint workshop during year 1. This WG is essential to support translational research in CCA and will collaborate closely with the remaining WGs.

Tasks & Activities

  • To review available experimental models of CCA and their usefulness for preclinical studies.
  • To conduct workshops on experimental models of CCA, including organoids, either from resected tumours tissue, from resected lymph node or from bile.
  • To generate a data registry based on standardized sheet forms.
  • To deliver STSMs to ECIs with a focus on in vitro and in vivo models.
  • To identify targets for therapies that will be available for further tests in preclinical experiments.
  • To translate the scientific evidences into regulatory language, practices and recommendations.
Dr. Luke Boulter

University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Prof. Diego Calvisi

University of Regensburg

Dr. Laura Fouassier