Working Group 3


The main effort of this WG will be aimed at creating a data registry. The first 24 months will be dedicated to recruiting samples (average 300) and collecting data. The recruitment of samples and clinical information will be similar to WG2. Samples will be collected and analysis will be performed pertaining genomic and epigenomic alterations within the tumour and surrounding tissue in a single highly experienced centre. During the second half of the Action, these data will be correlated to the clinical, histomorphology, and radiologic features provided by the respective WGs.

Tasks & Activities

  • To define the transcriptome, proteome and metabolome of each CCA subtype.
  • To define molecular profiling of each CCA subtype.
  • Because there are no genome wide association studies (GWAS) for CCA, an important task will be to carry out a GWAS in genomic DNA (gDNA) from >2000 CCA patients.
Dr. Jesper Andersen

University of Copenhagen

Dr. Trine Folseraas

Oslo University Hospital